Preventive Corona Test for HTC employees


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Please note that our test location will be closed from 28-05-2021. After this date it is not possible anymore to test at our location.

Corporate Vitality is an occupational health service and specialized in health within large companies. Corporate Vitality is located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and has its own Corporate Vitality – Health Services Centre . A medical advice center for companies and employees. In the center we carry out our preventive medical health services. For years we have been providing health services to companies. We have a network of doctors and paramedics with expertise in the field of health prevention, both mental and physical.

To support companies* and their employees in this Corona era, Corporate Vitality offers PCR test and efficient and quick Antigen corona testing. We hope that your continuation of your business operations will not be endangered / or that your employees can go to a meeting abroad with a valid certificate. Corporate Vitality has been well evaluated with the Corporate Corona Test approach by various inspections from the RIVM, GGD, IGJ (Healthcare Inspectorate) and GDPR privacy officers. Corporate Vitality has serviced over 15.000 preventive covid-19 tests last year for companies and organizations to work safe and healthy. Each participant gets his own certificate after the test.

Travel vaccinations and COVID-19 free declaration:

Is a staff member going on a business trip? If so, he/she will be at risk encountering diseases to which insufficient or no resistance has been built. Many infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination and other preventive measures. For some destinations, vaccinations are compulsory while for others they are only recommended. Very often a traveler is required to prove he/she is COVID-19 free. Business travelers can do a COVID-19 test with a corresponding doctor’s statement in order to travel well-prepared to their destination.

Work-related health declarations:

If an employee performs activities which requires a specific covid-19 test, we are also able to assist. In addition to provide a medical health certificate.

Children and family :

Children and family are also welcome. We have an expertise in testing children for covid 19 virus.

Covid-19 test

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